Nyborg-Mawent S.A. designs and produces industrial fans for land, marine and offshore market for over 60 years.

The Company is a part of Norwegian Nyborg Group, which includes:

  • Nyborg AS – world known supplier of ventilation technique solutions for marine market and offshore, member of Prime Group of Norway.
  • Nyborg-Mawent Design Office – Group’s design office;

Offer of the Company includes fans with work capacity from 1500 m3/h up to 230 000 m3/h::

  • high and middle pressure centrifugal fans;
  • two-stream centrifugal fans;
  • transport centrifugal fans;
  • marine axial fans;
  • roof centrifugal fans;
  • air mixers
  • ventilation accessories – cyclones, acoustic silencers, regulation apparatuses etc.

We specialize in production of fume exhaust fans and fans that support carbon boilers as well as the boilers powered with biomass or other fuels. Additionally our fans are used in following industries: energy, electro-machining, steel, shipyard, mechanical, agricultural, food, chemical, light engineering and many others.

Nyborg-Mawent operates on many world markets: Scandinavia, Western Europe, Middle and Far East. As the Group possesses its own examination and development office as well as testing laboratory, it is able to prepare any solution for the customer as well as provide a wide range of measuring and control services.

Since 2004 ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004 and 18001:2004 systems allow for realization of all orders with maintaining of highest quality standards. Customers of Nyborg-Mawent get sustainable, reliable, effective, providing quick return of investment costs products.

Experience, Responsibility, Development and Partnership – these are the values Nyborg-Mawent follows in its activities, which directly translates into Company’s dynamic development – during last 5 years it noted a 120% increase of sales rate.