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WPSS 40 ÷ 100


Centrifugal WPSS fans are intended for pressing of agent with increased level of dust in general ventilation systems and process lines. Allowable dust content must not exceed 3g/m3.


Main elements of the set such as: impeller, casing, base frame are made of standard steel of ordinary quality. In corrosion and heat-corrosion resistant executions the impeller and casing are made of steel with increased resistance to corrosion. On client’s request other kinds of steel can be used.


The explosion-proof fans are meant for operation in potentially explosive areas according to ATEX 94/9/WE directive.

Available executions:

  • Zones 2 and 1 for gases (3G/2G)
  • Zones 22 and 21 for dusts (3D/2D)


  • Direct drive (1) – up to 80°C
  • Direct drive-C* (1) – up to 220°C
  • Indirect belt drive (2) – up to 250°C
  • Indirect coupling drive (4) – up to 350°C


  • Standard execution – painting with standard set of paints, C3 class, RAL 5009,
  • Heat resistant execution – painting with a set of paints resistant to heat up to 350°C


  • Hot deep galvanizing
  • Acid treatment
  • Passivation
  • Glass blasting
  • Chemo-resistant painting
  • Painting in C4 and C5 classes on Client’s request.


In standard the fans are driven by three-phase electric motors in IP55 execution, insulation class F, from world-renown producers. Ambient temperature must not exceed 40°C.

Motors for special execution available on Client’s demand.

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