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ZWPT 20 ÷ 63

Centrifugal fans ZWPT are meant for pressing of air and other inert gas and steams containing crumbled, light-weight solid particles. They are intended for pneumatic transport of sawdust and wood shavings, leather material wastes, synthetic fibres, hurds, shove harls, beetroot pomace, dried feed etc. They are recommended to be used in wood, chemical, textile and food industries. Concentration of loose or fibrous material may not exceed 0,2kg/m3.


  • Direct drive (1) – up to 80°C
  • Indirect belt drive (2) – up to 250°C
  • Indirect coupling drive (4) – up to 350°C


  • Standard execution – painting with standard set of paints, C3 class, RAL 5009,
  • Heat resistant execution – painting with a set of paints resistant to heat up to 350°C

Options: hot deep galvanizing, acid treatment, passivation, glass blasting, chemo-resistant painting and in C4 and C5 classes on Client’s request


The explosion-proof fans are meant for operation in potentially explosive areas according to ATEX 94/9/WE directive.

Available executions:

  • Zones 2 and 1 for gases (3G/2G)
  • Zones 22 and 21 for dusts (3D/2D)

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