Privacy and security

Privacy policy

Privacy and security of customer data is Nyborg-Mawent’s priority.

We care our clients feel safe, knowing that Nyborg-Mawent SA, exercising the utmost care, will guarantee that all data and information are processed only in accordance with their intended use and protected against misuse. Ensuring the comprehensive security and extensive data protection is more than just an obligation to comply with law requirements – it is also a clear testimony of quality of our services to customers and employees. Therefore, the Nyborg Group, which Nyborg-Mawent SA belongs to, has set standards of personal data protection applicable to all companies within it.

Nyborg-Mawent SA – an administrator of does not use the Site for collecting its Users’ personal data.

The website uses “cookies” that allow for saving certain information about its Users and their preferences. Cookies do not serve for personal data processing or their storage, but for adjusting the portal to the needs of Users, creating website subpages viewing statistics and adjusting some of information displayed on the portal and on partner websites to the User’s interests.

A User who does not wish to accept “cookies” for the purpose described above, has the option to configure the web browser settings in a way that it prevents from storage of these files on the User’s computer. These files can also be deleted manually at any time. For detailed instructions on how to proceed, please visit the website of the manufacturer of the browser used.

Nyborg-Mawent SA fully respects the right to privacy and protection of technological data. Nyborg-Mawent SA collects only information about the use of the Site by saving technological data, such as the date of connection and IP address to system logs. This information is used for administrative and statistic purposes only, and does not allow for identification of individual user.

The data are stored in a special security zone and they can be accessed only by authorized persons related to the , who are obliged to keep its privacy. Pursuant to Art. 18 sec 6 of the Act of July 18, 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws No. 144, item 1204), Nyborg-Mawent SA may be required to provide the information contained in the access logs (including computer’s IP number) to state authorities, authorized under the law, for the purposes of their proceedings.

Nyborg-Mawent SA as the administrator of the portal, is not responsible for the privacy policy of other websites, both the ones available to users by the links on and those who place the links to

The above confidentiality rules may be changed in the future. Users will always be informed about any changes in advance.

Any questions and comments regarding the terms of use of portal and protection of its users’ privacy can be sent to Nyborg-Mawent SA using the data provided in the Contac Us tab.


What is a cookie? What is it for and what are its advantages?

  • Cookies are small text files sent and stored on your computer, smartphone or other device you use for connecting to the Internet.
  • Cookies are downloaded via a web browser when you first visit the website.
  • Cookies do not change the configuration of the device you use; they help to adapt the content of the website to your expectations, simplify navigation and ensure the effectiveness of security procedures.
  • Cookies allow us to assess what are your preferences and ratings, as well as how we can improve the website, adjust Internet communication for the user.
  • Cookies used on our website do not collect any information that enables identification of the user.

What are the types of cookies? How are they used and for what purposes?

There are two types of cookies that we use:

  • Session cookies (temporary) that remain in the user’s browser files until the site is used. They are required for correct operation of some applications and correct display of the website content.
  • Persistent cookies are used to make the website more attractive to the user. They remain in the browser much longer. This period depends on the web browser’s settings. Persistent cookies allow information to be transferred to the Nyborg-Mawent SA server each time the website is visited. Persistent cookies are also known as “tracking cookies”.

Cookies do not change the configuration of the end device as well as in the software installed.