Nyborg-Mawent’s predominance over our competitors derives from:
  • High flexibility of construction – on the basis of required parameters of the installment, efficiency and power of motors we are able to rebuild or design new solution, each time meeting individual needs of the Customer.
  • Quick reaction – having two design offices hiring 10 designers, each of them being a specialist in designing of different type of equipment is a big advantage. It allows us to prepare a required solution in a very quick time, as well as to adjust the existing equipment for new requirements of the Customer and installment.
  • Creation of efficient solutions – our 60 year activity on the market and 30 year experience in designing with support of academic and outside specialists resulted in capability of creation of unique solutions.
Design tasks are handled by two specialized design offices:
  • Land projects – design unit of Nyborg-Mawent’s Technical Department, where we map out untypical requirements of Customers and create new designs widening our offer range.
  • Marine and offshore projects – handled by Nyborg Mawent Design Office, a part of Nyborg Group.

In order to meet high expectations of the market, in Nyborg group we use professional software tools of 3D Solid Edge ST class. Completed and revised designs are forwarded to Technological Office where they are adjusted to the needs of our machines. On the basis of source files in 3D and 2D the workshop documentation is created, which serves for our laser and plasma cutting machines to reproduce needed parts. Design 3D Solid Edge environment as well as Graffiti management system allow for controlling of design process from Customer’s order to final product completion.