Quality department

Nyborg-Mawent’s Quality Laboratory woks according to acknowledged quality system, which provides our fans with a required level of dynamic, flow, acoustic and electric parameters. Basic motion parameters of the fan equipped with a drive are a subject to obligatory tests and evaluation according to agreed procedures or according to Customer’s order. Our stands especially designed for determination of flow quantities such as: capacity and pressure; as well as electric ones such as power and amperage, speed, level and spectrum of vibrations, and level of acoustic pressure let for testing of prototypes, production modernization and current supervision over each stage of technological process.

Flow tests

For the sake of flow tests we prepared the stands which enable testing of fans with inlet diameter from 35 to 1600mm according to PN ISO 5801, ISO 13350 norms. Modern set of electric tools allows for power, current, slides, frequency, resistance and insulation tests for electric motors in the range up to 315 kW/50Hz and 250kW/60Hz.

We possess frequency converters which enable testing for products supplied with 60 Hz frequency for the power of 250 kW, as well as dynamic and flow measures with various rotation speeds.

Acoustic tests

For the sake of acoustic tests we own an acoustic set, whose heart is SVAN 912AE, which enables to determine and supervise the acoustic parameters according to PN-N ISO 11200 norm, and selection of adapting products which secure from noise emission (silencers with core, acoustic cabins, baffle insulation).

Acoustic tests can also be executed in the place where the equipment is installed.

Electric measurements

  • measurement of motor’s insulation condition
  • measurement of current and power
  • measurement of resistance

Balancing of impellers and propulsion arrangements.

For the sake of production and retaining the highest quality of produced equipment our Company possesses SCHENCK stationary balancing machines which enable balancing of impellers up to G 2,5 class. Whereas a portable balancing machine of the same producer can be used for balancing of whole propulsion arrangements in fan’s own bearings which can already be a part of the installation.

In higher rotation speeds, as a result of accumulation of pressed agent on impeller, even minor asymmetry in spinning element can cause unbalance condition characterized by high unstable centrifugal force. Intensive vibrations of impeller, bearings, housing and the base frame are the main symptoms of this condition, which significantly worsens equipment’s reliability.

Spinning of impellers

The stand for spinning of impellers is a final supervision over correctness of design assumptions and production technology at the stage of prototype testing as well as production of fans with ATEX certificate.