The expectations of the market explicitly signalize, that in every installation the fan must be adjusted to its individual needs – the amount of pressed air, installation’s capacity and the system’s power consumption. Thanks to knowledge and experience of our engineers we select the product from our offer according to Customer’s requirements. If no product meets the Client’s expectations, we modify equipment from our offer or design completely new solution. We may proudly say, that almost half of fans we supply is individually designed.

fan search icon FLEXIBILITY

Today market realities have led to the situation that in majority of cases offering a standard product does not meet Customers’ all needs. Coming across to our partners’ expectation we offer individual approach to every inquiry. This is the reason why fully modified products have been implemented to our offer.

How we do it?

On inquiry reception, our Technical Department selects the equipment which is the closest to Customer’s needs, prepares the model of new solution, tests its accordance to assumed parameters and in case of discrepancies, modifies the project and its technical documentation.

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Longstanding knowledge and experience in ventilation solutions, constant investments in development of design and testing possibilities give us potential for new solutions progression. Development of product portfolio often takes place as a result of market demand.

How we do it?

Our contacts in HVAC companies often result in inquiries from Customers in need of help in very untypical solutions. After thorough analysis of our design, construction and testing abilities we can offer a completely new solution, which later successfully is offered on the market.

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In the time when the world is constantly changing, when technology is running forward very fast, together with the needs of the market, in order to build competitive advantage, we have to offer more and more efficient and optimized solutions. As a Company with longstanding experience, we hire a high-qualified staff of engineers and designers who constantly work on increasing of our products effectiveness.

Cooperation with Polish Academic Centres such as Cracow, Łódź and Gdańsk Universities of Technology, experience exchange with ventilation companies and investing into development and training of our staff help us to support these activities. This way we turn the newest ideas of Polish academics and branch specialists into modern and more effective product.

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Today market environment can be defined in many different ways, but all the definitions have common thread – time. The Customer expects quick selection of equipment, quick price calculation and in the end – quick production and delivery to required destination.

How do we adjust to these requirements?

Using of modern selection program and exploiting the knowledge and experience of our engineers, we are able to select and evaluate each solution. Making use of specialized software and the knowledge of our designers, allows us to prepare technical documentation with all changes implemented in a very quick time.

Our orderly workshop equipped with modern machines guarantees completion of an order within one of the shortest delivery times on the market. We cooperate with transport companies who deliver entrusted cargoes within 48 h at any destination in Poland, and as fast as possible to any place in the world.

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In our Company selling of the equipment is not the end, but rather it is the beginning of cooperation with Customer. We offer support in launching of installation in Poland as well as abroad, maintenance reviews within and after guarantee, instant response to problems and quick access to spare parts. If needed, we prolong guarantee period.

Why do we do it?

We treat these activities as a mission – as a brand of Mawent we do exist on the market for over 60 years. That is why we are concerned about keeping our name to be identified with solidarity and reliable products.

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It is very common that the problems with installation appear long time after equipment’s launch. They arise from not only defective construction or wrong operation, but also from changing of environmental and administrative requirements. Trying to meet our partners’ expectations we offer a number of services related to testing, maintenance and repair of ventilation equipment, of our production as well as of our competitors.

How do we do it?

As one of the few companies in the branch we do possess efficient technical service which reviews, repairs and replaces components in a quick and effective way. Additionally, we are able to measure the most important parameters, design appropriate documentation and also suggest improving solutions according to new requirements.



  • WOL @2400
  • NAP1 220˚C
  • Atmosphere mixers

WOL @2400

WOL @2400

WOLFan skid WOL was designed in cooperation with Gdańsk Ship Design and Research Centre. It is intended to work in closed aerodynamic tunnel with changing turbulences, however it can also successfully work in technological installation as an axial fan.

Basic information:

  • Construction: axial fan section Ø 2400mm, inlet section protected with wire guard, outlet section.
  • Capacity of the fan: 334 800 m3/h up to 464 000 m3/h.
  • Power of the motor: 250 kW.
  • Main leader of the project: Ship Design and Research Centre.
  • Purchaser: Warsaw University of Technology, Military Technical Academy.

The tunnel together with the fan skid produced by Nyborg-Mawent SA was assembled in Low Velocities Laboratory in Aerodynamics Building of Warsaw University of Technology.

The tunnel with closed circuit is equipped with two measuring spaces for air testing, as well as environmental tests. Two spaces allow for testing in velocity range 5-100 m/s, and a set of removable wire guards allows for obtainment of demanded turbulences.

Environmental section is intended for measurements, tests of circumfluence of town-planning objects, aero-generators, vehicles and many other industrial applications.

Air section is mainly intended for testing of profiles, airships, but it can also be adjusted to special requirements of testing of vehicles or buildings. Equipped with exchangeable spaces, the air section allows for large diversity of tests.

NAP1 220˚C

NAP1 220˚C

Centrifugal fans with direct drive (1) in heat resistant execution are intended for pressing of an agent in temperature up to 220°C and dustiness not higher than 0,3g/m3. These fans can be used in installations where pressed agent reaches temperature higher than 80°C, which excludes using of standard fan with direct drive.


  • smaller sizes
  • lower prices
  • lowered emission

The impeller of the fan with direct drive (1) is mounted on the motor’s shaft. Heat resistant execution stands out with using cooling disc and insulation plate. This solution allows for cooperation with a medium with a temperature up to 180°C. The temperature of motor’s environment may not be higher than 40°C. The fans are adapted to horizontal and vertical work. The impeller and housing of the fan in heat and corrosion resistant execution are made of corrosion proof steel.

Motors are equipped with heat resistant bearings. In order to provide an appropriate monitoring of work it is recommended to use motors with PT-100 bearing temperature sensors, PTC winding sensors and vibration sensor mounted in the motor’s base frame or its housing.

Atmosphere mixers

Atmosphere mixers

MieszarkiAtmosphere mixers are the fans intended for even distribution of air or nitrogen in closed chambers.

  • Produced of materials ready to be used in temperature up to 750°C.
  • May be used in stoves for heat processing, for even atmosphere production in whole chamber space.
  • The fan’s design includes centrifugal or axial impellers – depending on the type of the stove.
  • Depending on the environment the mixers can be made in gas-tight execution.
  • Drive’s transfer from motor to impeller with belt gear or coupling.