Quality Policy


    The aim of NYBORG-MAWENT S.A is to produce competitive products in relation to usable parameters, reliability, having required quality, fulfilling requirements of national and foreign customers. We desire to provide maximum satisfaction to our customers while offering:

    • Products, guarantee and after guarantee service and technical support,
    • Punctual and flexible realization of deliveries,
    • Individual approach to projects using modern technology,
    • Guarantee of safety and reliability,
    • Minimization of influence of our production and goods on environment.

    Being convinced that such elements as quality, environment and labor safety cannot be separated in our activity, management of NYBORG-MAWENT S.A. aiming to achieve above targets, binds himself to:

    • continuous improvement of services and products in relation to useful advantages, safety and operation reliability,
    • obey law and other rules concerning company activity,
    • secure stability of processes and to specify responsibility and workers authorizations who perform activities influencing on quality of the goods and services and quality of metal materials welding, labor and hygiene safety, and environment protection on all levels of management,


  • continuous improvement of activities in the range of quality of the goods and services and quality of metal materials welding, and applied methods and arrangement of company activity in order to increase effectiveness of used resources and improve productivity.
  • avoid environment pollution and to prevent from accidents at work, professional diseases and potentially dangerous incidents which may cause damage or worsening of health condition,
  • improve knowledge and competences of employees and to inform them about responsibility for their actions, which influence on quality of the goods and services and quality of metal materials welding, environment and labor safety,


The assumptions of MISSION AND POLICY OF INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT are foundation for tasks that are continuously realized to improve Integrated Management System of Quality,  Environment and  Labor Safety. The content resulted from these principles is well known and respected by all employees and makes our obligations to customers.


Piotr Jaskólski

November 2017